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"We took Cali for training, she was being aggressive with our older pup. As hard as it was to leave her, the results have been amazing so far. She actually walked and healed off leash for me last week. Adam is great and you can tell he loves what he does. He always answers my texts (there were a few, lol) and was always reassuring. Excited to have her home."
Sandy & Callie

"Adam is a wonderful trainer. Very talented and caring."
 DeAnn H.

"When I dropped Bella off, she wasn't housebroken, she barked at everything and everyone and knew absolutely no commands. I thought there was no hope and that I would have to just deal with it. Just one month later, she is completely housebroken, confident enough in herself that she doesn't bark anymore, and knows all the basic commands to make my life easier. Adam has transformed my annoying puppy into an extremely well behaved dog. He is an amazing trainer and caters the program to fit each dogs personality. I am so happy with the results and would recommend him to anyone who is having difficulties training their dog."

Sasha & Bella

"Adam trained our male Boxer, Jack! We rescued Jack when he was 15 months old and had already had two previous homes. He had developed several behavioral issues that were unacceptable. After putting Jack through Off the Leash Training with Adam he worked through all those issues. Jack is now an amazing pet and member of our family."
 Megan & Jack

What People Are Saying About

Off The Leash Academy

"I cannot express what a positive experience this has been. Adam communicated Louie's ups and downs throughout focusing on the positive gains Louie made. As a great bonus Adam's wife did a great job grooming Louie before he came home. I also received training equipment to help me. I highly highly recommend Off Leash Academy, the in house boarding program particularly. If you truly want a dog that is a great part of your pack give Adam a call!"​
MaryAlice & Louis

"He treats every dog as an individual and works to figure out what that dog responds well to and tailors his training for that, he doesn't try to force every dog through a "one size fits all" program. He is always honest and straightforward, he doesn't sugar coat things or promise things he can't accomplish."
Cassidy S.

"I highly recommend Adam to train your dog. He is truly a dog whisperer. You will see on the first meeting how he wins the dogs respect. My dog Molly loves him almost as much as me.. She is a different dog and I love it!"
Donna & Molly