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    The ONLY training program you will ever need....


        Is your dog creating a hostile environment in your home or is the behavior just becoming a point of stress you just don't need?

I can help you make changes to make improvements with walking your dog, jumping on you or your guests, counter-surfing, aggression, and resource guarding such as: food, water, space and toys. I can also address issues related to fear, insecurity, separation anxiety, bolting, and many other issues you may face. 

Do you lead a very busy life?
Do you lack the time or patience to deal with your dog?
Do you have a good dog and want a great dog?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the comprehensive Resident Board and Train DOG UNIVERSITY program is for you!


I can help you develop a pet who is a happy and polite member of your home, that you will be proud to call YOUR dog!  My In Home Board and Train program teaches your dog in real world situations with other dogs inside and outside the home.   This program is open to all of South Florida, including Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, and all surrounding areas If you are in one of these areas, you will bring your dog to me. But I will return your pup home and provide required training on site at your home, as well as any follow up training that is needed.  

 Your dog will go on trips and learn to have fun without stress or confusion.  I address problematic behaviors and give you a break, reducing stress for you, your family and your dog.  I teach concepts and commands for you and polish those skills, until it is time to return home.  Your dog will travel often in cars and SUVs, interact with adults, children and lots of other dogs.  He/she will learn to behave/work in public places, inside stores (that allow dogs) and even restaurants (which allow dogs). Then I help YOU when your dog returns with follow up lessons. I provide continued support for as long as you own your dog . 

Your dog lives with me and interacts with my family, my dogs and other dogs in training every day and night during their stay and will be looked after 24 hours a day unlike a standard kennel facility.  This is a key component your dog can understand, relate and transfer after returning home.

  During the Resident Good Dog Training, your dog will  also be socialized around many other dogs, public places  including restaurants, stores, parks and plazas.  Your dog will travel in vehicles both confined and open to learn to settle properly.  You will be able to monitor your dog's progress in the program by monitoring our Facebook page and you will receive video clips of special training session so you can see for yourself that your pup is making exceptional progress.


Advantages of a Resident Good Dog Training Program:

Faster Results:  Your dog learns directly from a professional, and receive MANY hours of hands-on training each day.

Immersive Learning: Your dog spends the entire day in a controlled environment, where every decision is guided and reinforced. Many dogs find this type of environment to be therapeutic.

Less Stress:  You allow us to work through the challenging early stages of training and the tedious repetition that you may not have time for.

Enhanced Customization:  The amount of time we spend with your dog in the Board and Train program allows us to get to know him or her on a much deeper level. This way we can develop specific strategies and exercises directly targeted toward each individual. This is especially valuable in behavioral cases.

Reduces correction by teaching desired behaviors, exercising large numbers of repetition which often extinguishes problematic behavior without conflict, combat or stress. 

                                                            During the program  your dog will learn   


  • On / Off of furniture (if desired)
  • Not to jump on people
  • Quiet down on command
  • Wait at the door
  • Eliminate rough play
  • Housebreaking / Crate Training
  • Eliminate on command
  • Load in and out of a vehicle
  • Riding in a vehicle (without pacing or jumping into the front seat)
  • Dealing with inappropriate or submissive urination


  • Sit (maintain sit / stay)
  • Down (maintain down stay)
  • Go to a place (bed, rug, mat, or spot and stay)
  • Walk with you on and OFF the leash
  • Recall (Come) to you off leash when called
  • Heel on and OFF the leash
  • Go inside and outside on command
  • Leadership modification

          and much much more.......


During the Resident Good Dog Training, your dog will also be socialized around many other dogs, public places including restaurants, stores, parks and plazas. Your dog will travel in vehicles, both confined and open to learn to settle down and relax.  You will be able to monitor your dog's progress in the program by monitoring our Facebook page and you will receive video clips of special training session, so you can see for yourself that your pup is making exceptional progress.


The Resident Good Dog University is my # 1 Program and is 95% of what I do every day..  This program is always in demand and there is always a wait list.  In order to enroll in a B&T program, I need to evaluate your dog and or interview you to determine if it is the right option to address your issues or achieve your goals.   


*********** Graduation from the program is not the end of training ***********

If your dog has had serious issues, you must follow all instruction and guidance.  You must commit time to improving your dogs behavior. I do not train robots and I do not train the personality out of your dog.  There may be a "Nothing in life is free" restriction placed on your dog depending upon the issues.  You may have to withhold excessive amounts of affection.  You may need to restrict excessive freedom and supervise play in order to maintain control and achieve success.  I will guide you with follow up support, but I need you to follow my program of instruction.  It will work and help you achieve more control and less chaos in your home with serious issues including aggression, anxiety and fear. Structure, fairness, consistency, guidance, direction and exercise are the ingredients for success.  I show you how to apply each on correctly without overdoing or neglect to achieve your goals and build a relationship with your dog that you will remember and appreciate for a lifetime ************

Private Lessons

  • Do you want to learn the how, what, and why your dog is exhibiting the unwanted behavior?
  • ​Do you have time to devote to daily training, multiple times a day?
  • Do you have multiple dogs that may all need a little help?

If you answered yes to any above than Private Lessons may be the way to go.


You come to my home and we teach you and your family how to create the companion dog you want.  This can be a single visit or a series of visits based on your needs and schedule.  You can be in charge without stress or frustration. Gain control of your home, reduce the chaos and stress and enjoy the company of your dog. Be happier and best of all...see your dog become calm and happy along with the rest of your family. 

The main difference with Private Lessons is that YOU ARE YOUR DOG'S TRAINER and I am your coach and teacher.  I guide you to train your dog and I help you tremendously. But it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to perform the lessons, follow through by committing time and energy to achieve your goals and fix issues between lessons.  Dog training is not magic and the primary elements of success are: Knowledge, Time, Patience, Consistency, and Repetition.  I give you the knowledge but you must apply the others to be successful.  


We address:

  • Jumping on people / things
  • Mounting people or objects
  • Barking madly at the door, doorbell, door knock
  • Low confidence and fear issues
  • Leash Pulling
  • Rough Play with other dogs
  • Whining
  • Climbing on furniture
  • Counter Surfing
  • Stealing Food,
  • Dumpster Diving/Garbage Can assaults
  • Destructive chewing
  • Kennel and confinement issues / Separation Anxiety
  • Housebreaking
  • Submissive and Excitable urination
  • Urine & Feces Marking
  • Fence Fighting / Re-activity

 This foundation program will give you a relationship with your dog based in effective communication.  We teach you to teach your dog to build a strong partnership and help you turn your dog into the family pet you truly want.  

*I do not address serious aggression issues in Private Lessons.  If your dog shows serious dog on dog aggression, dog on human/ children aggression, has attacked or bitten a dog, cat, adult or child, then I will only work on those dogs with a Resident In Home Board and Train program.  The same is true of serious confinement phobias/separation anxiety or K9 escape artists.