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​We at Off The Leash love to think outside of the box. Every dog that stays for training is always accessed to see if they have any behaviors that we can incorporate into training. We take a bad behavior and turn it into a good behavior. We also like to help make you look like a Natural with your dog in any situation. 

 Off The Leash is NOW OFFERING 

Special Skill Training:


Do I need special skill training?
Will this benefit me?
Is it really possible?

 Special skill training is building upon what your dog has learned in and after Dog University. 
This can be a variety of tasks, lets look at a few below:


Advanced Retrieval
This could be anything from hunting tasks (bird/game) all the way to bringing you that cold beer from the fridge!

 Advanced Heel
If we can walk next to us nicely, your dog can walk/run next to anything. This could be a running mate, a bicycle riding partner, or even a companion while out riding your horse.


Easy approach to get your dog from terrified of water to a hard to keep out of the pool dog. 

 Service Skills
Would you like assistance picking things up that you drop or finding items you lose frequently? We can get fido helping you do your daily activities in no time.

 Special Events
Have you ever wanted to have your dog in your wedding or helping with an engagement proposal? But not sure they will behave and complete the task. We can get you that perfect moment and involve your four legged friend.

Commercials and Movies
Do you do your own commercials, or have a movie you'd like to incorporate a dog into but not sure how? Let us help you get that perfect shot of your dog.

 Meal Preparation
Want your dog to make you dinner before you come home? 
Yeah right!?
No we CAN'T do that but we can get your dog to help you during meal prep.

If only they had thumbs! We'd be in business.......

We look forward to hearing from you about any task above, as well as anything you need that may not be on the list above.

I love trying new things.
I'm all ears call anytime.