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 Do you have a dog that could benefit from learning boundaries?

Could you yourself want to learn why your dogs do what they do?

Did you ever wish your daycare offered an educational environment?

We are the school you and dog needs to attend. We understand your desire for a solution. If you've come to our page in need of assistance, I assure you we can help you. You may have tried many different things to change your dogs behavior. You might have been hoping that they would grow out of it. You also love them so much its hard to stay upset with them. These guys our are family and not only is the love of another animal amazing but when they also respect you it makes life so fantastic. We will help relieve your stress. We won't stop until your happy. Anything is possible in the dog world. Let us help you get the best relationship possible with your dog. 

As a dog owner its never a good feeling to get frustrated with your dog or angry. You never want to be mad at them but they keep making mistakes. For some reason your just having a difficult time communicating with your dog, and you may say that they constantly...

Pull on the leash
Bark or whine
Get into things they shouldn’t
Run away or don’t come when called
Jump on you and everyone
Embarrass you in situations
Cause you to get frustrated

What if I told you that by the completion of our time together you and your dog will be able to...

Walk nicely on or if you so choose *off leash

Be more patient in situations

Learn what is off limits

Come when called at anytime

Not jump on anyone

Go places with you and not be a nuisance

Be a happy and well mannered part of the family

Can't wait to hear about you and your dog! Call me now 
@ 239-560-8681


Visit the SERVICES page to see what some options are and look at the MEET THE TEAM to read some of my personal experiences with my dogs throughout the years.



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