Justin Batdorf OTLA Assistant Trainer

 I am a Florida native. Training dogs is a true passion of mine. I grew up loving dogs of all shapes and sizes. After serving in the National Guard, I became an EMT. While it was an exciting job, it wasn’t my calling. To get to where I am today took determination and hard work. I graduated from master dog trainer school at Highland Canine in North Carolina, one of the toughest programs in the country. When I’m not working, I like to spend my free time fishing or at home with my three pit bulls.

One of my favorite quotes is "Champions keep playing until they get it right. Then they play more." – Billie Jean King

I look forward to working with you and your canine friend soon.

Our dogs are a large part of the training process. A well trained dog can be a fantastic teaching tool. These three help me teach your dog how to be a great member of a pack. 

Shelbyspecializes as my Retrieval Instructor. Shes a 14 year old cattle dog mix that acts like a 3 year old. She's a frisbee fanatic and shows training dogs how its done.

Griffenis a 13 year old cattle dog mix that specializes in Manners and Car Ride Instruction. He's a social butterfly that loves belly rubs and being touched.

Sarge is my 11 year old German Shepherd, He is my Assistant Instructor. Hes the "what you could have" dog. He's been with me since the beginning and has picked up on what we do. He's amazing at reading dogs and helping them come out of their shell or letting them know their place in the pack. Currently Mildly Retired

Karma is my 3 year old Dutch Shepherd. My girl picks up where Sarge has left off. She has learned just about everything she can from Sarge and its her turn to show off. Shes also taken to the puppy molding extremely well and her ability to read a dog is uncanny. You will see her around and she will be very involved in the business going forward.

I'm not sure I chose this career. I think the career chose me. We had at least one dog in our house ever since I was born.  I've always had a way with animals. And after many unsuccessful career path attempts, I ran into a cousin at a family gathering who happened to be a dog trainer. A 20 minute conversation with her and  I found my path, my passion.

With training, the learning never stops for you or the dog. It's an on-going and at times, not easy process. I find it so rewarding to teach an animal. I love seeing the dogs do well for me and for their people. I have been at this for nearly ten years. I'm am a graduate of National K9 Dog Training School in Columbus, Ohio. I am also a graduate of Edison College in Fort Myers, Florida.  I began my training career learning from several of the best trainers in the business.

I am originally from Northeast Ohio, where some of my family still resides. After dog school I moved to Cleveland, Ohio and spent a year there learning that starting a business is hard. The best thing in my life happened while I was there, I met my wife Melissa. After not having much luck in the dog world there I convinced her to gather our family and move to Greensboro, NC taking a job with Shiloh K9, where I trained many dogs and perfected some techniques that work in multiple situations. A primary focus was training Police and Protection dogs. After I left Shiloh K9, we moved to Orlando, FL where I was presented with the opportunity to work with a renowned dog trainer, Martin Deeley @The Florida Dog Trainer. I learned a lot about the business from him as well as filing in all the gaps of my training style. I grew as a trainer and realized it was time to go out on my own. I brought my wife and dogs back to South Florida with big dreams. Our dreams have become reality. I would welcome the opportunity to help you get yours!

From left to right...Shelby, Griffen, and Sarge

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We are constantly working on improving our ciriculum. Our teachers are the very best and will do everytiung in their power to help you and your dog succeed. 

Apparently he started young! Adam with our Great Dane "Peaches"

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